As per the direction of the Admission Supervisory Committee for Professional Colleges, College Merit seats will be alloted to 3 categories only.
  1. Open Merit
  2. Christian Community
  3. NRI

The Kerala Catholic Engineering College Managements’ Association (KCECMA) is a fraternity registered under Travancore, Cochin, Literary, Scientific & Charitable Societies, Registration Act, 1955 No. ER 1977.
KCECMA has been formed with a mission to promote engineering and technical education in Kerala matching

international standards coupled with a strong base on moral, social, ethical and civic values. Our moorings are based on the Christian doctrines of love, peace and universal brotherhood.

News & Events

Parents and Applicants are advised to take note of the change and keep visiting the website of the respective colleges for further announcements



Wed transform the youth into finest technocrats to lead the world to greater all round prosperity upholding highest standards in personal, social, ethical, moral and family values with a sensitivity to the environment and the world around. Our commitment to the society shall be total without fear, favour or prejudice. We firmly believe that the ultimate judge shall be the Almighty.