About Us

The Kerala Catholic Engineering College Managementsí Association (KECEMA) is a fraternity registered under Travancore, Cochin, Literary, Scientific & Charitable Societies, Registration Act, 1955 No. ER 1977.

   KCECMA has been formed with a mission to promote engineering and technical education in Kerala matching international standards coupled with a strong base on moral, social, ethical and civic values. Our moorings are based on the Christian doctrines of love, peace and universal brotherhood.

    The Association functions as a voluntary self-regulatory agency ensuring quality technical education without compromising on social justice. Our member institutions value transparency in every aspect - student selection, teacher and other staff selection, etc. We stand for equal opportunity for all without discrimination of any kind whatsoever.

    The Association endeavours to make Kerala a global destination for technical education. The strategies and programme include continuous quality assurance improvement and monitoring programmes, skill development of students - technical, personal and social - and faculty training and development programmes.

    Simultaneously we focus on maintaining technical education at affordable levels eliminating the urban-rural and rich-poor divide, though on cost sharing basis. All our member institutions offer scholarships and free-ships to all students below poverty line up to a maximum of 10 per college.